Pelosi Rips The Heart Out Of Trump’s Impeachment Defense With USMCA

Speaker Pelosi announced articles of impeachment while also getting a bipartisan trade agreement, thus killing Trump’s do-nothing Democrats lie.

Trump has been whining about the USMCA agreement for months, so on the same day that Democrats announce articles of impeachment, they announced an agreement to consider the trade deal.

The timing was not accidental.


Trump is being politically boxed in.

House Democrats are destroying Trump’s plan to run against them in 2020 as do-nothing House. Every time that Trump takes credit for the trade agreement, it will also be an accomplishment of Pelosi’s House. Democrats also destroy the Republican narrative that impeachment is a partisan attack because they don’t want to work with Trump.

Speaker Pelosi is making her moves to solidify and keep Democrats in the House majority. She is roughly 2,000 steps ahead of Trump and the Republican Party.

Nancy Pelosi is playing chess, while Trump is trying to figure out how to win at Candyland.

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