Trump Urges Security To Rough Up Female Protester During Slur-Filled Pennsylvania Rally

It wouldn’t be a MAGA rally if Donald Trump didn’t have a complete mental implosion, and Tuesday night’s affair in Pennsylvania was no exception.

But with impeachment bearing down on him, Trump was especially unhinged – so unhinged, in fact, that he openly urged security at the rally to rough up a female protester.

“Get her out,” Trump said when his rally was interrupted by a protester.

He then took aim at the law enforcement officer who removed the demonstrator, complaining that he wasn’t rough enough.

“That particular guy wanted to be so politically correct” by gently removing the woman from the arena, Trump said. “We don’t want to be politically correct.”


Trump was heavily slurring during the rally

Tuesday’s hate rally in Pennsylvania brought more of the same unhinged and incoherent rambles that we’ve come to expect from Trump campaign events.

He whined about impeachment, floated debunked conspiracy theories, attacked his own FBI director and used vulgar terms to describe his political enemies.

But as Aaron Rupar of Vox pointed out, Trump appeared to be “slurring heavily” and more than normal during Tuesday night’s Pennsylvania rally.

As I wrote back in October after another one of Trump’s profanity-laced rallies, all of this would be fine and well if Donald Trump was still the host of a game show on NBC – but he’s not.

The 73-year-old toddler who ranted and slurred his way through a rally on Tuesday night in Pennsylvania is the president of the United States.

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