Rachel Maddow Drops An Impeachment Bombshell On Mike Pence

Rachel Maddow discussed the new evidence related to Vice President Mike Pence’s secret communications with Ukraine that have been turned over to the Judiciary Committee.

Maddow said, “There’s also the ongoing investigation specifically into the Ukraine scheme. An official working in Mike Pence’s office, she notified the impeachment investigation after her initial testimony that she had come to recall some additional information about Mike Pence’s communications with the Ukrainian government. And while she believed that that information about vice president Mike Pence and his interactions with Ukraine was relevant to the impeachment inquiry, Vice President Pence’s office has insisted that information she testified about is classified can’t be released to the public. And it went over to the Judiciary Committee tonight in classified form for them to answer this new information.”


Nobody believes that Mike Pence is clean in the Ukraine scandal, especially after Donald Trump tried to get the House to investigate Pence’s communications with Ukraine. Every other high-level official in the Trump administration has been implicated in the scheme. The White House Chief of Staff, the Secretary of State, the Attorney General, and the Energy Secretary have all been named as involved, so it strains credibility to believe that the Vice President was left out.

The gang was all involved, and Mike Pence is not going to escape this criminal plot unscathed.