House Republicans Privately Admit They Want To Vote For Impeachment

Congressman Denny Heck, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, said on Saturday that some Republicans in the House of Representatives admit behind closed doors that they want to support the impeachment of Donald Trump.

During an interview with MSNBC’s Alex Witt, Rep. Heck (D-WA) said he’s been approached by multiple GOP lawmakers who say they wish they could vote yes on the upcoming impeachment vote, which is likely to happen next week.

Still, Heck said he does not believe any of them will follow their conscience and actually vote to impeach.


The exchange:

WITT: You’ve also said this week that some Republicans have approached you, saying they wanted to vote yes on impeachment. Can you tell me how many and do you think when the time comes, they will actually vote their conscience?

REP. HECK: No, I don’t. And it’s part of the reason, frankly, why I’ve decided to retire at this time. I just cannot understand, given the overwhelming amount of evidence as to what has occurred here, that they cannot put country before part.

WITT: So, Republicans say to you, “God, you know, I’d really like to vote for impeachment,” but you’re thinking, nope, they won’t do it?

REP. HECK: That’s correct.

Republican members of Congress are spineless cowards

There is no other way to accurately describe Republicans members of Congress: They are cowards who continue to put party before country when it matters most.

The fact that, according to Rep. Heck, these GOP lawmakers privately admit they’d like to impeach Donald Trump only shows how spineless they are – especially given the fact that they will vote against impeachment when the time comes next week.

They may fear the loud MAGA base in next year’s elections, but they should truly fear just how poorly history will judge them.

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