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Pelosi Slams McConnell For Refusing To End Gun Violence Against Kids

Speaker Pelosi called out Majority Leader McConnell for refusing to lift a finger to pass legislation to protect kids from gun violence.

Pelosi said in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA:

Seven years ago, our nation watched in horror as 26 innocent souls were murdered in an act of unspeakable terror and heartbreak at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Today, we continue to grieve with the survivors, families and friends of those lost, and we remain inspired by the courageous action of so many to ensure that no other community is ever forced to endure the agony of gun violence.

In the years that have followed, we have seen life-saving steps to end gun violence continuously obstructed by Republicans, as active shooter lockdown drills have become the status quo for an entire generation of American children. Enough is enough. Guided by the voices of countless young leaders and activists who are marching for their lives, House Democrats boldly passed the Bipartisan Background Check Act and the Enhanced Background Checks Act, commonsense bills to help end the daily tragedy of gun violence and keep our children safe. Yet, 290 days later, Leader McConnell still refuses to lift a finger to pass these critical bills and end the bloodshed. Every day that Leader McConnell stands by and does nothing, 100 innocent lives are lost to this senseless violence. Our children and our communities deserve real leadership.

The American people are demanding action to stop the epidemic of gun violence that is shattering American families and communities. In memory of those we lost in Newtown, and in cities and towns across the country, House Democrats will never rest until we make our schools, houses of worship and other public places safe for our children to grow and thrive.

Anytime that a child is murdered in school, a worshipper is shot in a church, or people die in a workplace mass shooting, remember that Republicans are fine with this violence. There is legislation that was passed in the House that McConnell refuses to allow a vote on in the Senate.

McConnell won’t allow votes on much of the legislation that the House has approved because he is worried that it will pass the Senate and land on Trump’s desk. McConnell’s blockade is an act of protection for Donald Trump.

Mitch McConnell’s legislative graveyard translates into a real graveyard for the innocent victims of the nation’s gun violence epidemic.

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