Trump Is Bullying Republicans To Vote No On Impeachment

Rep. Zoe Lofgren said that President Donald Trump is being thuggish toward Republicans to make sure that they vote no on impeachment.

Rep. Lofgren (D-CA) said, “And I’ve heard from some Republicans how concerned they are about the president’s behavior. But we’ll see how they vote. The president really is very thuggish when it comes to Republicans or anyone who disagrees with him. You know Justin Amash who was a Republican in good standing for some time announced that he thought that the president’s behavior was impeachable and now he’s no longer allowed into the Republican party. Other members who expressed concern were subjected to tweets and then lost their primaries. So this is high risk for Republican members. But the question is why are you there. Why are you there? Not just to get re-elected, but to defend the constitution, to look at the facts and cast a vote that is in conformance with reality. That is their obligation.”


Rep. Lofgren’s comments are right in line with what Rep. Denny Heck said about some Republicans privately wanting to vote yes on impeachment. Non-Republicans might not understand the degree to which Trump has taken over the Republican Party. Trump controls the entire party. His influence is felt everywhere. Any Republican who votes yes on impeachment will be cast a vote to end their career.

The Republicans in Congress lack the political courage needed to stand up to Trump, so they will say things privately, but when push comes to shove and the vote is public, they will give Trump what he wants.

Elected Republicans don’t love Trump. They fear him.

With democracy and the integrity of American elections at stake, House Republicans are hiding in the corner leaving in fear of being on the receiving end of a presidential tweet.

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