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Trump Has A Saturday Morning Impeachment Meltdown

In a series of tweets, Trump compared himself to Brett Kavanaugh and claimed Democrats are trampling the Constitution by impeaching him.

Trump tweeted about Kavanaugh and impeachment:

He also tweet ranted this quote:

Trump doesn’t understand the basics of Twitter. Trump is trying to “defend himself” by flooding his account with tweets, but the more he tweets, the less interaction he gets, so Trump responds by tweeting even more, and the cycle perpetuates.

Donald Trump lacks the self-discipline to be an effective political messenger. The president has no impulse control, so he is staging prolonged days long meltdowns over impeachment.

Trump is humiliated by the fact that he is going to be impeached, and he is showing his humiliation by taking his Twitter meltdowns to a whole new level of pathological outburst.

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