Rudy Giuliani Is Now Working Directly For Russian Intelligence

Malcolm Nance pointed out Rudy Giuliani is now working directly for Russian intelligence as he pushes Biden and Ukraine conspiracy theories disguised as a documentary.

Giuliani went full Russian conspiracy:

Russia/Ukraine monitor Olga Lautman tweeted:

Malcolm Nance made it clear who Giuliani is working for:

Nance also warned that these fake documents are a danger to America:

Rudy Giuliani is using the First Amendment and fake documentary to insert Russian espionage into the US 2020 election. Russia has gone from manipulating social media to influence an election to working directly with Trump’s lawyer.

Lindsey Graham and the other Senate Republicans aren’t going to lift a finger to stop this, because the Russian operation in the United States is how they will stay in power.

This isn’t Rudy Guiliani doing crazy things. It’s the personal lawyer for the President Of The United States working with the Russians to corrupt and rig the 2020 election for Donald Trump.

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