Questions Grow About Trump’s Health 3 Weeks After Walter Reed Visit

The White House will say nothing, but there remain lingering and growing questions about Trump’s health three weeks after his surprise visit to Walter Reed.

Here are a few of the questions:

The problem, as Brian Karem mentioned, is that Trump has no qualms about violating the constitution, obstructing Congress, and hiding information from co-equal branches of the government. If he goes to all of this trouble to hide documents from Congress, imagine how far he is willing to go to keep his health issues a secret.

Trump has lied about his health from the moment that he became a candidate. Nothing that Trump or his representatives have said about his health is true. It is troubling that the country doesn’t know if the President Of The United States is healthy.

The White House hoped that they could whitewash these questions away, but people have forgotten, journalists are still asking and digging to get the real story of Trump’s abnormal visit to Walter Reed.

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