Trump Humiliates Himself Gushing Over The One Confirmed Democrat Who Will Vote Against Impeachment

Trump gushed and humiliated himself as he praised Rep. Jeff Van Drew who is so far the lone confirmed House Democrat who will vote against impeaching him.

Trump tweeted:

Anybody who praises Trump or does something that the president wants gets the label of “smart.” Dictators and despots quickly learned this trick which is why Trump is always praising America’s enemies and fighting with the nation’s allies.

Trump’s tweets are embarrassing and beneath the presidency. Trump is not going to be vindicated if a few endangered Democrats in heavily Republican districts vote against impeachment. The vote has nothing to do with the evidence or Trump’s behavior.

It is already widely known that Republicans are going to stick with Trump in the vote due to his bullying and threats toward them. It doesn’t matter if any members cross party lines on the impeachment vote. Trump is still going to be the third president in history to be impeached.

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