More Bad News For Trump As Another Swing District Democrat Will Vote For Impeachment

Rep. Joe Cunningham (D-SC), whose district Donald Trump won by 13 points in 2016 has announced that he will vote to impeach the president.

Via Palmetto Politics:

In an interview with The Post and Courier, the Charleston Democrat said he took his time because he wanted to give Republicans a chance to present evidence in defense of Trump’s move to withhold aid to Ukraine while asking the country’s president to investigate the son of potential 2020 opponent Joe Biden.

“I’ve waited and waited and I have not found any evidence they submitted compelling at all,” Cunningham said. “At the end of day, this is simply about the rule of law, whether we’re a country with laws or not and what type of precedent we want to set for future presidents.”

Trump was counting on Democrats who hold House seats in districts that the president carried in 2016 breaking with their party and voting no on impeachment. Earlier on Monday, Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-MI) whose seat is in another district that Trump carried announced that she would be voting yes to impeach Trump on obstruction of Congress.

A few Democrats might vote no on impeachment, but it’s becoming clear that the wave of defections that Trump was expecting is looking less likely to happen. The evidence against Trump is as close to an open shut case as one can get in terms of presidential impeachment.

House Democrats can make a strong case that they voted to defend the constitution, and Trump impeachment is unlikely to cost anyone their House seat in 2020.

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