Massive Crowds Flood The Streets On Impeachment Eve To Demand Trump’s Removal

On the eve of the House vote to impeach Donald Trump, massive crowds of Americans took to the streets to support the move and urge the Senate to remove the corrupt president.

Images from cities all across the country show that there is no shortage of enthusiasm in the pro-impeachment crowd.

New York City:

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

Boston, Massachusetts:

Louisville, Kentucky:

Melbourne, Florida:

Detroit, Michigan:

Oakland, California:

Brunswick, Maine (in the snow!):

Fort Worth, Texas:

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio:

The American people support impeachment

Trump and his Republican defenders in Congress claim that the American people are increasingly opposed to impeachment, but the polling – and tonight’s show of force in cities all across the country – demonstrates that America supports the push to impeach and remove Trump.

Even Trump’s favorite news outlet, Fox News, found that 54 percent of the country is in favor of impeachment.

The president and Mitch McConnell are free to keep hiding in their MAGA bubble armed with Sean Hannity talking points, but it won’t change what’s happening in the real world.

The American people recognize Donald Trump’s high crimes and misdemeanors, and they support the push by Democrats to hold him accountable.

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