Trump Melts Down And Threatens Democrats On Impeachment Eve

Trump sent out a whiny impeachment eve tweet complaining that Speaker Nancy Pelosi is holding House Democrats together to vote for impeachment.

Trump tweeted:

Trump’s tweet comes after his 6-page rant letter to Pelosi about how unfair everything is for poor Donald Trump. The president’s prediction is the same one that he made in 2019 as he urged Republican candidates to run on impeachment and then watched them get waxed in Kentucky and Louisiana.

Impeachment is popular with a majority of Americans. House Democrats would put themselves in greater political danger by voting against impeachment. Trump thought that the House Democrats in districts that he won in 2016 would peel off and not support impeachment, but that hasn’t happened.

Pelosi is holding the Democratic caucus together, and Trump’s threats, just like most of what he says, are the empty gestures of a beaten man.

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