Trump Loses It On Impeachment Eve Sends 6 Page Manifesto To Pelosi


Trump’s deranged letter to Pelosi on impeachment were the writings of a broken mind that has been elevated to the highest level of national power.

Here are just a few of the highlights:

1). Trump claimed that Democrats were declaring war on American “Democracy.” (Yes, he did spell democracy with a capital D.)


2). Trump wrote that Democrats “know” that his Ukraine call was perfect, and that Democrats also “know” that the Biden conspiracy is true.

3). The president claimed that Democrats are “inflicting damage and hurt on his family.”

4). Trump accused Democrats of interfering in elections, subverting America’s Democracy, and Obstructing Justice. (once again, all capitalized)

5). Trump compared his own impeachment to the Salem Witch Trials.

6). Trump told Pelosi to investigate the FBI.

Read the full letter:


Historians will be debating for decades how America ever allowed this crazy man to assume office. In future years, it will become clear that the country really didn’t elect Donald Trump, but a confluence of factors came together to produce one of the greatest flukes in American political history.

Trump’s letter is not normal behavior from any president, and if voters are looking for a single exhibit that will prove that Trump is not fit for the presidency, this letter is exhibits A-Z.

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