Donald J. Trump Is Now The 3rd President In History To Be Impeached

The House has voted to impeach Donald Trump on abuse of power as the president has fulfilled his destiny.

Corruption has been the backbone of Trump’s rise in politics. Trump laid the foundation for his future impeachment when he refused to separate himself from his business interests. Trump has been defined by conflicts of interest, and he set the tone before he ever took office by stating his belief that he is above the law.

Constitutional experts warned before Trump ever took office that his mentality was a disaster waiting to happen. Many, including Trump himself, expected his day of reckoning would come with the Mueller report, but the real danger for Trump came after he skated on the Mueller report and could not help himself.

Trump is so insecure and certain in his belief that he can’t win a fair election that the day after the Mueller report was released, Trump tried to extort Ukraine for illegal foreign election interference.

From asking for Russia to get Hillary Clinton’s emails to trying to hold the G7 at his own golf club, there has been a consistent theme of corruption and illegal activity in Trump’s political career.

Donald J. Trump has been on a collision course with the Constitution from day one. No president is above the law, and because of his mentality, Democrats didn’t impeach Trump. Donald Trump got himself impeached by acting as if he is above the law.

Trump’s impeachment is a destiny fulfilled, as no president has ever courted and deserved impeachment more than Trump.

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