Mitch McConnell Is Struggling To Get 51 Senate Votes Against Trump’s Removal

Even though the chances of Donald Trump being removed from office via a Senate vote are slim, there is still the possibility that a majority of lawmakers in the upper chamber could vote in favor of removing the president from office.

“Obviously, if Republicans have this all sewn up, [McConnell] doesn’t to have say much of anything,” MSNBC’s Ari Melber said on Tuesday, on the eve of the House impeachment vote.

The MSNBC host added, “There are signs that Mitch McConnell … is still trying to figure out how he gets to 51 for pieces of this or all of it.”

In other words, McConnell knows he doesn’t have 51 votes in favor of his sham trial or against removing Trump from office, which is why he’s been making so much noise lately.


Melber said:

[McConnell]’s not impartial and he’s predicting partisanship. What is important there is the leg work that Mitch McConnell is doing. Obviously, if they have this all sewn up, he doesn’t to have say much of anything. They can slam-dunk it. But there are signs that Mitch McConnell tonight – and we’re going to keep reporting this out for you – is still trying to figure out how he gets to 51 for pieces of this or all of it. When he says this is all going to be a partisan side show, he’s talking about himself. There is a tell there. And he wants, apparently, from what I can tell, he wants the country to give up hope on this process before it even begins, to only see it as partisan. So you have to ask yourself: If there is a politician in Washington trying to convince to you to look other way, why is that? And is it a tell, a sign, that maybe you should be looking even closer?

Removal isn’t the only thing Donald Trump should fear

There is no question that Donald Trump is guilty of the high crimes and misdemeanors laid out in the two articles of impeachment likely to pass the House on Wednesday. Not even Trump and his most fierce GOP defenders have contested the facts in this case.

Still, there is almost no chance that the Republican-controlled Senate will vote to remove Trump from office, no matter how damning the facts are.

But that doesn’t mean Trump still shouldn’t fear a vote in the Senate.

If a majority of the GOP-controlled chamber vote that Trump should be booted from office, it would be a humiliating and potentially dooming result for the president ahead of 2020, even if he does remain in office.

On the eve of a vote in the House of Representatives to impeach Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell is still scrambling to get to 51 votes in the Senate to prevent a humiliating, bipartisan vote in favor of removal.

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