Rep. Joe Kennedy III Proclaims Justice Is Done By Impeaching Trump

Rep. Joe Kennedy (D-MA) addressed his children and told them that today, justice was done by impeaching Trump.

Rep. Kennedy said, in part, on the House floor, “I can’t stop thinking about the cost to our country, not just the impeachable defenses but the power of a president who uses power like a weapon against his own people, erodes our decency, degrades our dignity. I don’t yet know how they will tell the story of this era, but I want to tell you the story of this day. Let the record show that today justice won, that we did our job, that we kept our word, that we stood our sacred ground. Let the record show that we did not let you down.”


Trump impeachment isn’t about politics or revenge, or any other conspiracy theory that Trump and the Republicans are floating. Today is about justice. It is about holding a president who abused his power and tried to rig a presidential election accountable.

The House is serving its higher purpose with the impeachment vote.

This is a moment in history that future children will read about, and as Rep. Kennedy eloquently spoke about, the kind of country will be left for them, and what the House did to stand up for democracy against a corrupt president.

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