Republicans Blame Obama During Trump Impeachment Debate

During the House debate on the rules for impeachment debate, Republicans ranted about Obama and Eric Holder while avoiding the facts on impeachment.

Rep. Bradley Byrne (R-AL) said, “The House has a legal avenue to challenge the president, the courts. But the majority has skipped this step, showing that this is about impeachment, as fast as possible, however possible. Most of my friends on the other side of the aisle had no problem backing President Obama when he stonewalled the House for years to block our request to find out the truth in the fast and furious investigation. That is why I filed an amendment to the resolution rejected by the rules committee saying based upon the democratic majority standard, they should have written articles of impeachment against President Obama and Eric Holder. I wish my colleagues would think about the standard being set. I predict that they will very soon regret it.”


It is always a tell that Republicans have nothing when they start ranting and raving on the House floor about Barack Obama and Eric Holder. Former President Obama has nothing to do with Trump impeachment. House Republicans are throwing anything and everything at the wall to distract from Trump’s actions.

For the last decade, when all else fails, Republicans have blamed Obama for everything for the last decade, so, of course, they are blaming Obama to distract from their president’s high crimes against the country.

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