White House Claims Hillary Clinton Intentionally Lost So Trump Could Be Impeached

The White House is telling reporters that Hillary Clinton intentionally lost the election so that Trump could be impeached.

Brian Karem tweeted:

The White House truly believes, that as Trump wrote in his letter to Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday that impeachment is a plot to get the president. The White House has expanded their conspiracy theory to include the belief that Hillary Clinton intentionally lost the election just so Democrats could impeach Trump.

The Hillary intentionally lost conspiracy is total lunacy, but it reveals how little people in Trump’s own administration think of him that even they believe that Trump didn’t win the election on his own. They are suggesting that the only way Trump won is because Hillary Clinton let him win.

Impeachment has brought the White House’s insanity into the public eye.

The impeachment of this president is based on his own behavior. It is not a plot to get Trump. Democrats would trade a win in 2016 for a chance to impeach Trump in a heartbeat. So far, Republicans are blaming Obama on the House floor, and the White House is blaming Hillary Clinton, but no one is talking about the person is responsible for impeachment, Donald J. Trump.

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