Trump Is Fuming In The White House Over Being Impeached

Trump is in the White House resentful and fuming that he will forever carry the historical stain of being an impeached president.

NBC News’s Peter Alexander reported, “You see behind these closed doors he is privately fuming and seething. In the last hour or so he tweeted or retweeted approaching 20 times to this point. The president and his aides resent this stain on his legacy, this asterisk placed by his name, you have also seen denial. Someone wrote that trump has not been impeached. They are denying the reality of this moment right here.”


For the first time in his life, Donald Trump has been held accountable for his behavior. Trump has used his father’s money to bully and get away with everything for his entire life. Donald Trump was born rich. He has had never had someone tell no, or condemn him, in any way.

Trump has spent his adult life building his name into a brand, and that brand will now and forever be tarnished by impeachment.

The president brought impeachment on himself. He is the one who tried to extort Ukraine. Trump is so afraid that he can’t win a fair election that he committed impeachable offenses in a bid to cheat in 2020.

Trump is angry because there is nothing that he can do about the new reality that for the rest of his life he will be known as an impeached president.

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