Trump Reeling As 53% Of Voters Believe Democrats Were Right To Impeach

Donald Trump and Republicans claim the House-led impeachment inquiry was driven by politics, not facts, but the American people disagree.

According to a new Hill/HarrisX poll released Thursday, a majority – 53 percent – say Democrats had a strong case for impeaching the president, while 47 percent believe there wasn’t enough evidence for the move.

It’s the latest indication that voters don’t just believe Trump’s actions regarding Ukraine were wrong, but that he should be impeached and potentially removed from office over them.

More from The Hill:

The new Hill-HarrisX poll showed that 53 percent of registered voters think that there was compelling evidence for Trump’s impeachment, compared 47 percent who said that the Democratic-led House did not sufficiently make the case.

The survey’s results fell strongly along party lines.

Democrats — at 83 percent — were more inclined to say that there’s enough evidence to have warranted Trump’s impeachment.

Just 23 percent of Republicans agreed, while 48 percent of those who identified as independents said they thought that House Democrats had made the case.

Democrats have momentum heading into 2020

The vote to make Donald Trump the third impeached president in history was the most important decision that many members of Congress had to make in their careers.

Republicans kept their heads in the sand and voted no, while Democrats rested their yes votes on a mountain of damning evidence and testimony they’ve spent the last few months gathering.

The fact that a majority – or, in some polls, a plurality – supported impeachment and felt it was backed up by strong evidence gives the Democrats momentum heading into a potential Senate trial.

Mitch McConnell is signaling that he plans to make a mockery of the process if and when it comes to his chamber of Congress. But he and his Trump-defending Republicans might want to take it a little more seriously – because the American people are.

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