Trump Loses It After Christianity Today Calls For His Removal From Office


Trump attacked Christianity Today by calling the conservative evangelical magazine as a far-left outfit that wants Democrats to take away God and guns.

Trump tweeted:


Trump himself could be classified as a non-believer who has broken every single one of the Ten Commandments. Trump is not a regular church attendee and had likely never read Christianity Today before their editorial on Thursday calling for his removal.

The magazine stayed within their values when they called for Trump’s removal. They made a moral argument on similar grounds when they called for Bill Clinton’s removal from office in 1998.

One can like or dislike Christianity Today, but it can’t be argued that they are a conservative religious publication. Donald Trump tried to smear the magazine to his supporters because evangelicals are the backbone of his political support. If white evangelicals start to ask themselves the question, is supporting Trump a true representation of my faith, the president’s reelection prospects could be in real trouble.

Donald Trump is already in a losing position heading into the 2020 campaign. His lashing out at Christianity Today is a signal that any drop in white evangelical support would be fatal to his campaign.

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