Trump Is Raging And Bitter About Being Impeached

Trump went off to Florida for his two week Christmas vacation bitter and angry that the House of Representatives impeached him.

Politico reported:
But in the hours and days after being impeached, Trump flipped back to anger, punching out tweet after tweet, several all caps, and fuming at Pelosi.

Trump is “bitter” about the vote, “annoyed” with the media coverage and worried about his legacy, said nine people familiar with Trump’s week, including six who have spoken with him in recent days who asked for anonymity to speak freely.

“He goes through peaks and valleys,” said one former aide.

But the anger stays. “He’s very angry. It’s made a deep impression,” the friend said. “The anger is deep and raw.”

The reason why impeachment is going to stick to Donald Trump in a way that it never stuck to Bill Clinton is because of the different ways that each president has handled their impeachment. Clinton was able to put on a public face of business as usual, while Trump has been obsessed with impeachment. Clinton gave a humble speech of confession and apology for his actions. Trump has screamed hoax, ranted conspiracy theories, and anger tweeted.

Impeachment somehow made Bill Clinton more likable, while it has confirmed to the majority of the country why they can’t stand Trump.

The president is bitter due to the fact that impeachment can never be undone. There are no magic tweets or Senate actions that can make impeachment go away. No one remembers Bill Clinton’s Senate trial, but everyone remembers his impeachment.

Donald Trump can’t help himself. He will make his impeachment a central part of his campaign, and it will serve as a constant reminder to voters why the bitter and angry president must not be invited back for a second term.

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