Chuck Todd Just Realized That Republicans Intentionally Lie

NBC’s Chuck Todd had a revelation after years of Republican false statements that Republicans are intentionally lying to the press for political gain.

Todd told Rolling Stone, “For the last two or three years we’ve been pondering a social media special like this. Last year we focused on climate change. But had we not done climate change, we were in the social media world thinking about what it was doing to our politics. And then you realize it’s the misinformation. This is bigger than social media. The Ukraine story for me really crystallized it. And for good or bad, our show has been at the forefront of this. The first Sunday of the Trump administration is when the phrase, “alternative facts” was debuted. It was on Meet the Press Rudy that Giuliani used the phrase “Truth isn’t truth.” So look, whether we’d liked it or not, our platform has been used, or they’ve attempted to use our platform to essentially disseminate, or to sort of , what I would say, is lay the groundwork for this.”

Todd later added, “So I do think one of the things that I want to explore on this is the incentive structure. One of the things we don’t fully appreciate in mainstream media on these attacks is that it’s become fun to attack the press, if that makes sense, on the right. It doesn’t matter if we’re right or wrong, attack them anyway.”

Chuck Todd has finally realized what the rest have known for years. Republicans use principles of journalism against journalists to spread intentionally spread misinformation for political gain. It is not about the media’s role as a fact-checker. to those in power, but the intentional usage of the free media structure to spread lies and misinformation.

Republican lies are so blatant that even Chuck Todd has caught on.