Trump’s Golf Trips Have Cost Taxpayers 296 Years Of Presidential Salary

As Trump spend another 2 weeks in Florida playing golf, he has now cost the taxpayers 296 years of presidential salary.


Sarah Jones of PoliticusUSA said:

President Trump, whose public schedule is devoid of actual work on most days other than lunch with VP Pence and having a briefing read to him, has now spent more on golfing than the equivalent of 296 years of paying the presidential salary.

The Huffington Post keeps tabs on Trump’s golfing expenditures and noted the weekend before Christmas that Trump has now exceeded “$118 million on his 26th visit to Mar-a-Lago, his for-profit resort in Palm Beach, Florida, with a Saturday visit to his course in neighboring West Palm Beach.”

All of his golfing is being funded by us, the taxpayers. And of course, in addition, he’s funneling our money to his own businesses. They note, “And of that $118.3 million, at least several million has gone into Trump’s own cash registers, as Secret Service agents, White House staff and other administration officials stay and eat at his hotels and golf courses.”

There’s the trademark Trump secrecy here, as well, because the Trump administration refuses to hand over any documents about expenses at his properties, as well as refusing to inform the White House pool of the names of his golfing partners. Is he even golfing at each occasion? We don’t know. And that’s unusual.

About that “But Obama”, Obama had played golf on 88 days at this point in his term and Trump is on day 227, playing on his own golf courses rather than the military courses on which Obama played.

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