Donald Trump Jr. Throws A Tantrum After Canada Cuts His Daddy From Home Alone 2

Donald Trump Jr. is outraged that Canada cut his dad out of Home Alone 2, and sees a political message in movie editing.

Don Jr. built on the Trump family tradition of trying to gin up outrage over anything by tweeting:

Pathetic is certainly the word for it. Donald Trump felt the need to issue multiple tweets on the day after Christmas discussing the removal of his cameo from Canadian showings of Home Alone 2. Trump is blaming Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for editing him out of the movie.

CBC cut Trump out of Home Alone 2 in 2014, “The CBC edited out multiple scenes from “Home Alone 2″ to shorten the two-hour movie for television — eight minutes in all, the CBC says. The CBC’s deletion of scenes entirely unrelated to Trump is confirmed by a search of viewers’ complaint tweets. Trump was not cut as Canadian retribution for his policies in office: He has been omitted from the CBC version since at least 2015, the earliest we could find viewers tweeting about the deletion. CBC says it actually cut the Trump cameo in 2014, before Trump launched his presidential campaign in June 2015.”

The Trumps are acting like NBC digitally replaced Jimmy Stewart with Barack Obama in It’s A Wonderful Life.

There is nothing too small for the Trumps to use to fan their perpetual campaign of national and cultural division. No, Donald Trump wasn’t cut out of Home Alone 2 for political reasons, and anyone who believes that he was is an example of how Trumpian partisan bias is destroying basic American cultural dialogue.

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