If The Election Were Held Today, Trump Would Lose By 8


A new poll shows that if the election were held today, Donald Trump would get just 42% of the vote and lose to the Democratic nominee by eight.

In the new MSN Poll, the Democratic candidate gets 50% of the vote and Trump gets 42%. A potential reason why Trump is doing so poorly is that by a margin of 57%-31%, likely voters believe that the country is moving in the wrong direction.

Trump doesn’t understand that the direction of the country is not the stock market. Most Americans aren’t invested in the stock market and they don’t care what the market is doing. Voters remain most concerned about healthcare, and the tone of the country.


The most likely reason for Donald Trump losing the 2020 election has nothing to do with jobs, or the economy, or even impeachment. It’s Donald Trump. The mainstream press is not talking about the level of Trump fatigue in the country. Even Trump’s own supporters admit that the constant tweets and attacks and the president’s endless need for validation and drama are exhausting.

The country is tired of Trump, which is why a record number of voters support his removal from office.

Voters want Trump gone, which is why he is going to have to cheat to win a second term in office.

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