As Evangelicals Flee Trump, Biden Pens Beautiful Commentary On His Faith

As criticism of Trump’s immoral presidency grows in the evangelical press, former Vice President Biden has penned a beautiful commentary on his faith.

Biden wrote for the Religion News Service:

My faith teaches me that we should be a nation where the hard-working, middle-class families who’ve made us strong have a real chance to thrive. That’s why I’ll make sure that we reward work, not just wealth, in our policies and in our values. I’ll make sure that we provide every family with access to fair wages, quality health care, good neighborhood schools and a stable retirement.

And my faith teaches me that we should be a nation that once again welcomes the stranger and shows a preferential option for the poor, remembering how so many of us and our ancestors came here in a similar way. I’ll end Trump’s abhorrent asylum policies, protect “Dreamers” and provide a road map to citizenship for the nearly 11 million undocumented people living in and contributing to our communities every day.

Trump doesn’t understand these things, because he doesn’t understand America. He doesn’t know what it means to live for or believe in something bigger than himself.

In 2020, we need a candidate who can not only beat Trump at the ballot box, but a leader who can heal and unite our divided country to get things done.

In hard times, I always come back to the words of theologian Soren Kierkegaard: “Faith sees best in the dark.”

Trump has brought us some very dark days — but in this darkness, I have faith: As president, I’ll make sure that we reaffirm our highest values, rediscover our strength and come together to restore the soul of our nation.

There are signs of slippage in Trump’s evangelical support.

The politicized evangelical right that long ago sold out its faith to politics will not be moved by Biden’s commentary, but the former vice president cuts a striking contrast to Trump who has faith in nothing but himself and the almighty dollar.

Biden is challenging people of faith who support Trump to look in the mirror and ask themselves if this president’s character and behavior matches their values. Trump only won the 2016 election by 80,000 votes in three states.

The entire evangelical movement doesn’t need to leave Trump for Biden to win in 2020. A few thousand in a handful of states would be enough to deny Trump a second term, and the healing of the American soul to begin.

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