Gov. Andrew Cuomo Blames Trump For Hanukkah Stabbing

Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) said that Trump is fomenting political hate that spreading to the culture after the Hanukkah stabbing.

Gov. Cuomo said on MSNBC:

What can anyone make of President Trump’s tweets? They say more about the sender than anything else. New York, he believes, is a Democratic state, and this is how he plays to his partisan base, by demonizing Democrats. Democrats are evil, Democrats are bad, Democrats have lost their mind, they’re anti-American. You foment the hate and then you’re shocked when you see these episodes of hate all across the country?

That has now become the dialogue and the currency of this nation and it’s in politics, but then it resonates out of the politics into society. And now you see people who are acting out on those hateful acts and people are impressionable, and some people are lost and some people are vessels and some people are ill, and they hear it and they respond.


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The Governor drew a clear line between Trump’s use of hate as a political weapon and the violent attacks that are being carried out against people who Trump and his supporters view as their enemies. Trump spends his days spewing at American citizens and their cities, and then he pretends to be presidential when the inevitable violence that his words gave the green light to injures or kills innocent people.

Cuomo did what many political media leaders refuse to do. He connected Trump’s leadership to the violence. Until Trump is forced to pay a political cost for his hate speech, he will continue to endanger innocent people.

Trump must be held accountable for the culture of violence and hate that he is enabling and encouraging.

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