Trump Has An Epic Sunday Meltdown At Nancy Pelosi

Trump is spending his holiday season at his Florida club melting down and blaming Pelosi for San Francisco’s homelessness.

Trump tweeted:

The President Of The United States is claiming that the Speaker of the House is causing the homeless problem in San Francisco. The videos that Trump tweeted were in part from his campaign team, so instead of building a positive election message for his campaign, Trump is directing a White House and reelection campaign wide meltdown and rager against Nancy Pelosi because she signed off on his impeachment.

The president is melting down, and the quickie Senate trial that Mitch McConnell is cooking up is not going to make his hurt feelings go away. Trump can’t handle the fact that he has been impeached, so America is going to be forced to endure a temper tantrum that will last through the rest of his presidency, which could be brought to an end in November.

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