Trump Tries To Hide His Golfing With Absurd Southern White House Lie

Trump went golfing while a US embassy was under attack and then lied while calling his private club the Southern White House.

Trump tweeted:

The president’s lie was a cover-up that defied common sense. If Trump needed to hold meetings with the military after the embassy attack, why did he go to a golf course? He could have held the meetings at his private club. A president doesn’t go to a golf course to hold vital meetings during an international crisis.

Trump went to his golf course to play golf.
The president knows that he isn’t doing his job and that most Americans will be outraged by him golfing as an American embassy was attacked.

Trump’s private club is not a Southern White House. It is not government property. His club is a for-profit entity. There is no “Southern White House.” It is a private club where Trump hangs out and bilks taxpayers out of millions of dollars.

Instead of protecting and serving his country, Donald Trump played golf while an embassy was under attack.