Trump Sounds Like A Criminal As He Rants About “Dirty Cops” Throwing His Pals In Jail

Trump began 2020 with a rant that sounded like it could have come straight from behind bars about dirty cops who threw his friends in jail.

Trump tweeted:

Trump doesn’t have 100,000 likes on either tweet, which considering that he has 68 million followers, suggests that his self-victimization rambles have worn thin with even his most dedicated supporters. Trump sounds like a criminal. Rants and raves such as this one only make it more difficult for people who are outside of the cult of Trump to support him.

Donald Trump wants America to believe that many of his friends, advisers, and associates who are now convicted felons were the victims of some vast conspiracy. Trump is hoping that the nation ignores the fact that he has a decades-long history of criminal behavior.

Trump sounds like a man who knows that his own freedom could soon be in jeopardy if he loses the election in November.

Criminal blames dirty cops is a story as old as incarceration itself, but until now, that story has never been told by the person sitting in the Oval Office.

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