Defense Officials Say Trump Is Lying About Iran Threat

Pentagon officials say that nothing had changed with Iran before Trump and the White House launched an attack and then claimed an imminent threat.

The New York Times reported:

Still, officials offered scant details and only general explanations for why these reported threats were any different than the rocket attacks, roadside bombings and other assaults carried out by General Suleimani’s Quds Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps over the years. “Size, scale and scope,” General Milley said without elaboration.

National security experts and even other officials at the Pentagon said they were unaware of anything drastically new about Iranian behavior in recent weeks; General Suleimani has been accused of prodding Shiite militias into attacking Americans for more than a decade.

Trump claims to have evidence of an Iran attack threat, but he won’t let Congress or the American people see it. A president who has lied tens of thousands of times about things both big and small while in office is now expecting the American people to take his word for it on Iran.

The truth is that there was no imminent threat. Trump is angry about impeachment. He is angry because he was criticized after the US embassy in Baghdad was attacked and he went golfing. Trump always favors the splashy gesture that he thinks will make him look like a tough guy without ever considering the consequences of his actions.

The Pentagon is essentially saying that Trump is lying about the Iran threat.

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