Former Fox Reporter Accuses Trump Of Unwanted Sexual Advances

Former Fox News reporter Courtney Friel is accusing President Donald Trump of unwanted sexual advances.

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The New York Daily News reported:

She says Trump told her she was “the hottest one at Fox News” and called her office line a few weeks after she mentioned an interest in working as a judge on his Miss USA beauty pageant.

“Though he said I couldn’t be a judge since I worked at a different network, he did ask me about my career goals and complimented my work at FNC,” Friel, 39, wrote in a sneak peek of her book shared with the Daily News.

“Then, out of nowhere, he said: ‘You should come up to my office sometime, so we can kiss,’” Friel claimed.

The journalist who now works as an anchor at KTLA-TV in Los Angeles says she was “shocked” by the advance.

Friel’s name can be added to the list of dozens of women who have come forward to accuse Trump of everything from sexual harassment to rape. As Trump is running for a second term in office, Friel’s account is a reminder of the character of the man who is currently occupying the Oval Office. At the time when Trump made his move on Friel, he was married to current First Lady Melania Trump.

None of this is new behavior, but a message to voters about the unfitness of Donald J. Trump.

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