Adam Schiff Exposes Mitch McConnell As A Trump Co-Conspirator

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) said that holding on to the articles of impeachment has flushed out Mitch McConnell.

Rep. Schiff said on CNN’s State Of The Union:

McConnell, I think, one of the successes that this has already had is flushing out McConnell showing that he is working in cahoots with the president that he has made himself an active participant in the president’s cover-up, so the American people needed to see that, and now they do.


You are also seeing the effect of this is flushing out senators Democrats and Republicans who are now having to go to the record saying do we want to see witnesses or see the documents? Do we want a real trial or do we want a cover-up? It is clear I think from the president and Mitch McConnell, they don’t want a trial anymore, they don’t want a trial or witnesses. They don’t want documents. They don’t want a verdict. They want a dismissal. They want to have the House managers come in, make a presentation, and then move to dismiss and make it go away before the American people get to see the full extent of the president’s misconduct.

But, that’s not what the American people want. It is not what the Founders contemplated. If you ask a majority of Republicans around the country, they want the evidence to come out. I think that withholding the articles thus far flush out where Mitch McConnell is coming from. It is my hope that pressure will go in a real trial and fair the American people and as well as the president.


Rep. Schiff was right. If Speaker Pelosi had transmitted the articles of impeachment right away, McConnell and Trump would have buried them in a sham trial. The Senate Majority Leader has been engaged in a campaign to redefine what an impeachment trial is. The impeachment trial is not a rush to judgment. It is not an appeal or Trump’s “turn.”

It is a trial, and Democrats have already won by withholding the articles of impeachment and exposing Mitch McConnell’s cover-up for Trump.

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