Mike Pompeo Blames Obama For Trump’s Iran Threats

Mike Pompeo couldn’t answer how Trump threatening Iran makes America safer, so he blamed Obama and Biden.

Pompeo said on CNN’s State Of The Union, “We are trying to restore deterrence that results directly from the fact that previous administration left us in a terrible place with the respect of the Islamic State of Iran. Team Obama appeased Iran and led to Shia militias with money Hamas, the PIJ hundreds of thousands of Syrians killed by Soleimani himself. And this is the place we found ourselves when we came in, and we have developed a strategy to tell the Iranian regime to behave like a normal regime, and we have every expectation to achieve the goal.”


Pompeo continued, “We have provided them clear guidance about what it is that we have an expectation. We have worked with them and had conversations with them and it is important for them to know that we will no longer behave like the Obama and Biden administration, and we will no longer appease. And people talked about the war and this kicked off when the JCPOA was dropped. It said they could establish a crescent into Iraq and Lebanon and into Israel and threatening American lives as well. We have taken a different approach. The approach is successful and more work to do.”

The tell that the Trump administration is lying about an imminent attack from Iran is that their story keeps changing. First, there was the imminent attack excuse, now they have shifted to saying that their hand was forced because of Obama.

The truth is that this attack was carried out to distract from impeachment and help Trump in the 2020 election. The Soleimani plan has been kicking around for years. Blaming Obama does not answer the question of why Trump chose now to carry out the attack.

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