Nicolle Wallace Says Bolton Has The GOP Votes For Subpoena


MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace, who has known John Bolton for 20 years, says it is a decent bet that Bolton knows where the Republican votes are to subpoena him.

Wallace said on her show Deadline White House, “There is tectonic plate shifting impeachment news. John Bolton, who reportedly described the Ukrainian pressure campaign as a drug deal, and Rudy Giuliani, the president’s lawyer, who remains in the middle of the effort to push the Ukrainians for investigations into the Bidens as a grenade to blow everybody up. Announcing today he will testify in a Senate impeachment trial if subpoenaed. Bolton either playing for US national security issues, the history books or both. Has in the absence of any ruling forcing his testimony, examining the separation of powers questioned himself and off to testify before the senate. 71% of Americans would like to hear from Americans like Bolton. And only takes four Republicans for a vote to subpoena him to pass the senate. Knowing Bolton for the better part of two decades, it’s a decent bet he might know where they may be hiding.”



Nothing in any of the House impeachment testimony concerning John Bolton suggests that his testimony will be anything less than bad for Trump. Senate Republicans are signaling that they don’t have the votes to block the Senate from subpoenaing Bolton’s testimony.

After a few days of Trump-induced Iran distraction, impeachment is back front and center in the American national discussion. It is looking more likely that John Bolton will testify, which will open the door to testimony the administration officials that Donald Trump is trying to hide.

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