Kevin McCarthy Blames Adam Schiff For Trump’s Attack On Iran

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said that if Adam Schiff would not have impeached Trump, the president would not have attacked Iran.

McCarthy said on Fox and Friends, after Schiff criticized Trump’s Iran attack, “You know, what? He’s the chairman of the Intel Committee. Maybe had he spent the last year working on that, trying to protect from what is happening in Iran from the bombing of the tankers, Saudi Arabia taking down our drone, instead of taking that committee and making an impeachment, he would have never made that comment.”


Nikki Haley went on Fox News and equated Democrats to Iranian terrorists. Kevin McCarthy is trying to blame impeachment and Adam Schiff for Trump’s reckless and dangerous attack on Iran. Impeachment is not to blame for Trump’s bad decisionmaking.

Adam Schiff is not the commander in chief. He doesn’t make national security policy. Chairman Schiff held impeachment hearings because the president illegally withheld congressionally appropriated funds in an effort to get a foreign country to investigate a political opponent.

It is not Adam Schiff’s fault that Trump abused his presidential powers to distract from impeachment.

The Iran strike is not playing the way that Trump and his party hoped. It hasn’t distracted from impeachment or made the president more popular, which is why Republicans are blaming Democrats, instead of taking responsibility for Trump’s dangerous actions.

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