Sen. Tammy Duckworth Rocks The Senate By Calling Out Toddler Trump

Combat vet Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) said that her 20-month-old has better impulse control than Donald Trump.

Sen. Duckworth said on the Senate floor, “Once again he’s been manipulated by a hostile regime into decisions that further their goals while endangering the security of the nation Trump’s actually supposed to lead… All these dictators have realized the same thing: the President of the United States is as easy to control as a toddler. Sweet talk him or thump your chest and issue a few schoolyard threats, and you’ve got him. He’ll fall for it every time, doing your bidding as if it’s his own. I wish this weren’t true, but my diaper-wearing 20-month-old has better impulse control than this president.”


Sen. Duckworth’s remarks are an example of why Trump’s approval rating has plunged with the military. Trump’s behavior is the opposite of what our troops believe in. The president is disrespectful, undisciplined, lacking in impulse control, disloyal, and reckless.

Sen. Duckworth was right. There are children with better impulse control than Trump. Trump is soft and easy to manipulate. He is easy for any authoritarian to control, and he puts the lives of US troops in jeopardy with each bad decision that he makes.,

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