Nancy Pelosi Buries Trump By Passing New Measure To Limit His Power To Start A War With Iran

In another victory for Nancy Pelosi, the House of Representatives passed a resolution Tuesday to limit Donald Trump’s power to go to war with Iran without getting congressional approval.

The measure passed the House easily by a 224-194 majority, and even a handful of Republican lawmakers supported it.


As MSNBC’s Ari Melber pointed out on Thursday, the vote to limit Trump’s war power “reflects a more unified front against potential Middle East escalation” than we’ve in recent memory.



More from Melber:


The House just passing this resolution to limit Donald Trump’s war powers against Iran. The vote, 224-194, a clear margin for the Democrats. The bill terminates Trump’s hostilities against Iran, which is a rebuke, of course, to the president’s attack on Iran’s general. The swift action presents major pushback to Trump a day after the bipartisan combination of his administration’s handling of this crisis and reflects a more unified front against potential Middle East escalation than the Democrats offered when George W. Bush was pushing a preemptive attack on Iraq in 2003.

Pelosi is going to war with Donald Trump – and she’s winning

Since taking over as House speaker, Nancy Pelosi has waged all-out war on Donald Trump for lawlessly abusing the power of his office, whether in his extortion scheme with Ukraine or his reckless behavior that’s leading America to another war in the Middle East – and she’s winning.


Nowhere is it more clear that Pelosi is winning than in Trump’s own behavior, which has grown more erratic and unhinged, particularly over the course of the impeachment process.

As Pelosi herself told TIME, “He’s nervous. Everything he says, he’s always projecting. He knows the case that can be made against him. That’s why he’s falling apart.”

Donald Trump is increasingly unstable and unwell. He has no business unilaterally taking the United States to another war in the Middle East.

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