Wide Majority Of Americans Believe Trump Is A Dangerous Commander-In-Chief

Donald Trump has worked tirelessly to craft an image of himself as a tough-talking leader that is feared by U.S. foes, but the American people – by a wide margin – believe he’s a dangerous commander-in-chief.

According to a poll conducted by USA TODAY/Ipsos, 52 percent of the country believes Trump’s behavior with Iran has been “reckless.” Just 34 percent of Americans disagree with that assessment.

Worse for Trump is that respondents – by a 2-1 margin – say that Trump’s move to kill Iranian Gen. Qasem Soleimani has made the world less safe.

All of this despite the spewing in Trumpland that the president’s move to take out Soleimani was a show of strength.


More findings from USA TODAY show how unfavorably Trump’s Iran strategy is viewed by the country:

But there was overwhelming agreement – in each case by more than 6-1 – that the attack made it more likely Iran would strike American interests in the Middle East (69%), that there would be terrorist attacks on the American homeland (63%), and that the United States and Iran would go to war (62%).

By 52%-8%, those polled said the attack made it more likely that Iran would develop nuclear weapons.

Trump is a weak and dangerous commander-in-chief

No president has tried as hard as Donald Trump to be seen as a strong general-like figure in American politics.  Yet at home and abroad this president is seen as a weak, bumbling, incompetent and dangerous commander-in-chief.

On a frequent basis, Trump’s actions are viewed by the world as anywhere from laughable to terrifying  – sometimes both in the same day.

As Donald Trump has brought America to the brink of war with Iran in recent weeks – setting off a chain of events that resulted in the needless loss of life – his unfitness to be commander-in-chief is as clear as ever.

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