Trump Attacks The FBI As They Investigate 2020 Russia Meddling

Donald Trump as president of the United States, is calling on the top law enforcement agency in the country, the FBI, to be prosecuted for fraud.

Trump tweeted:

It is not a coincidence that Trump is calling for the prosecution of the FBI one day after it was reported that they are investigating Russian efforts to attack the 2020 election with a disinformation campaign against former vice president Joe Biden.

Trump’s motives are easy to see through. The president is still trying to discredit the first Russia investigation because he needs Russian interference to help him win this year’s presidential election.

Trump has been smearing law enforcement, not because they are “dirty cops” as he loves to claim. Even his own IG report found that there no political motives in the FBI’s Russia investigation. There was also no FBI bias or spying on the Trump campaign.

Donald Trump is the only convicted fraudster in this conversation.

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