Trump Is Taking Bribes And Selling Access To The White House

Trump is pocketing money from donors and giving them access to the White House and the scam is being run through his DC hotel.

In December 2019, CREW uncovered the scheme while investigating odd spikes in room rates at Trump’s DC hotel, “On November 7th, CREW flagged a massive spike in the cost of a room on December 14, suggesting that every less expensive room in the hotel was sold out, leaving only pricey suites. Presumably, rooms were taken up by donors to Trump Victory Committee, a joint fundraising committee of the Republican National Committee and the Trump campaign. The exorbitant cost is even more evidence that hosting fundraisers at the Trump International Hotel is one of the best ways to sell out the notoriously empty venue, sending donor money right into Trump’s pocket. Lucky donors who managed to snag a room were also invited to the White House’s holiday open house, meaning that the cost of a room at Trump’s DC Hotel and donations towards his reelection included exclusive political access for the buyer.”

Trump is doing it again around election night 2020, “Rooms at Trump International Hotel are entirely unavailable on November 2nd and 3rd. Those dates just happen to be the day before and the night of the 2020 presidential election. And not only that: The night after the election a basic room costs $1,600, a major spike of nearly 5 times the average cost, which is around $331…Trump is cashing in on his political position and his supporters are helping. With a potential sale of the hotel on the horizon, it is possible that President Trump sees election night 2020 as a last hurrah of influence peddling in his DC hotel.”

Trump has taken the old form of political corruption to a more blatant level. Donors aren’t just getting access by donating to a campaign. Donors are being rewarded with access to the president and the White House by paying Trump cash. This is called bribery. Trump is selling influence. He is also selling access to the White House.

If the majority of voters have their way, Trump’s corrupt reelection bash will be turned into a going-away party for this president and his criminal circus.

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