Trump Mocks Cory Booker For Dropping Out Of The Presidential Race

Trump viciously mocked Sen. Cory Booker for dropping out of the race for the Democratic nomination, even though Booker will be a juror at his impeachment trial.

Booker posted this video announcing that he was suspending his campaign:

Trump responded to Booker’s positive message with mockery:

Not everybody can have the Russians rig an election for them as Trump did in 2016. Trump is in no position to mock anyone, as third president in US history to be impeached, Donald J. Trump has no room to talk.

Trump’s tweet has been gobbled up by his supporters, but it is this behavior that is motivating so many Americans to go to the polls to vote him out of office in November. Trump’s character and behavior are some of the biggest issues on the ballot. It’s not the economy or the stock market, but Donald Trump’s lack of character that will drive so many people to vote against him in 2020.

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