Adam Schiff Likely To Be Named A Trump Impeachment Trial Manager


It is being reported that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff is at the top of the list to be named a Trump impeachment trial manager.

Kasie Hunt reported on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports, “She’s keeping her cards very close to the vest. We have a general idea of who these managers might be. Adam Schiff is at the top of the list. She and Schiff conferred privately for quite a while after their meeting this morning with the broader Democratic caucus. He really is the one that she is spending the most time with. We know Jerry Nadler, the judiciary chairman also likely to be involved and there are a few others as well likely to be included. In the Clinton trial, as you know very well, there were 13 managers that were sent over by the house. There seems to be a feeling here that would be too many. So I would be surprised if you saw that many named as a part of but of course, again, Nancy Pelosi being very careful to keep her cards close and not let this get out into the public until she’s ready for that to happen.”



Adam Schiff has been vital in helping to guide the House impeachment process, and as a former prosecutor, it is a no-brainer to have him on the team making the case to the Senate that Trump should be removed from office. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) also looks like a lock to be an impeachment trial manager. After those two, it depends on how many managers Pelosi wants to send to the Senate for the trial.

No matter who else Pelosi picks, Rep. Schiff is going to be at the trial making the case that Donald Trump should be convicted and removed from office.

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