Pelosi Rips Mitch McConnell For Impeachment Trial Cover-Up


Speaker Pelosi announced that the House would be voting tomorrow to name impeachment trial managers while ripping Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for running a cover-up.

Pelosi said in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA:

In December, the House upheld its Constitutional duty to defend democracy For The People: passing two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump – abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. I am proud of the moral courage of Members to honor the vision of our Founders for a Republic, the sacrifice of our men and women in uniform to defend it, and the aspirations of our children to live freely within it.


The Senate GOP Leader has signed on to a dismissal resolution. A dismissal is a cover-up. The American people will fully understand the Senate’s move to begin the trial without witnesses and documents as a pure political cover-up. Leader McConnell and the President are afraid of more facts coming to light.

The American people deserve the truth, and the Constitution demands a trial. The House will now proceed with a vote on transmitting the articles of impeachment and naming impeachment managers on Wednesday, January 15.

The President and the Senators will be held accountable.

The last half of the last sentence of Pelosi’s statement is vital. Senators will be held accountable for participating in Mitch McConnell’s impeachment trial cover-up for Trump. What Senate Republicans have not grasped is that any member of their party who touches this toxic mess is going to pay a price. Vulnerable Senators in Arizona, North Carolina, and Colorado could lose their seats and cost McConnell his Senate majority while covering up for Trump.

Mitch McConnell is running a cover-up, and as Speaker Pelosi wrote, the Senators who participate in it will be held accountable in November.

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