Trump Spirals Into Gibberish During Incoherent Foreign Policy Rant At Wisconsin Rally

A hoarse Donald Trump took the stage in Milwaukee for a campaign rally on Tuesday night, and it didn’t take long for him to spiral into complete gibberish.

The moment came just before a portion of Trump’s speech when he was bragging about the strike that killed Iranian general Qasem Soleimani, a military act that caused more instability in the region and led to deadly consequences.

Trump spoke about “American warriors” in the Middle East in a way that left Aaron Rupar of Vox all but speechless on Twitter.

“Wut,” Rupar wrote alongside video of the commander-in-chief‘s ramble.


Trump’s gibberish:

Our great American warriors, because that’s what they are. And they love it, I gotta tell you. They love it, right? They love it.  They love doin’ that. They wouldn’t trade places with me under any circumstance. They wouldn’t trade places with all of our great Wisconsin politicians. They want to be a military warrior. And we don’t want them for that, we want them doing what they’re doing, but our great warriors carry it out.

Trump then tried to further defend his strike on Soleimani by pushing the tired “imminent attack” narrative, but Trump was only able to cite past attacks in the next breath.

The fact that this is the man in charge of carrying out United States foreign policy should terrify every American.

Trump’s running scared in the midwest

It’s no surprise that Donald Trump has been taking laps around the midwest in recent months, including his Tuesday night rally in Wisconsin.

Recent polling shows that the top Democratic candidates are beating Trump in places he won in 2016 and needs to win again in 2020, like Michigan and Wisconsin.

But the president’s performances during each campaign stop get increasingly unhinged and impossible to comprehend, including the show he put on in Milwaukee on Tuesday night.

There was a time when many viewed Trump rallies as must-see TV. Now they are exhibit A in the Democrats’ case that this man is completely unfit to hold the presidency for another four years.

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