Bipartisan Majority Of Senators Will Vote To Limit Trump’s Power To Start A War

In a stinging defeat for Donald Trump as he tries to campaign on military strength, the Senate reportedly has enough votes to pass a measure that will limit his ability to wage war with Iran.

According to The New York Times, “A measure that would force President Trump to win congressional authorization before taking further military action against Iran now has enough Republican support to pass the Senate, a key Democratic senator said Tuesday.”

More from the report:

The senator, Tim Kaine of Virginia, said at least four Republicans would break ranks to pass a bill to curtail Mr. Trump’s war-making powers, underscoring growing dissatisfaction with the president’s Iran strategy among members of his own party. It would be a rebuke to the president as his impeachment trial gets underway and will likely set up the seventh veto of his presidency.

The Republican defectors “were discouraged that the attitude that was being communicated to us was that Congress was an annoyance,” Mr. Kaine said. “After that, they came to me and we have been able to make some amendments.”

Senator Susan Collins of Maine, one of the Republicans who will support the measure, said in a statement that “Congress cannot be sidelined on these important decisions.” She said that although the resolution would continue to allow Mr. Trump to repel an imminent attack, “only the legislative branch may declare war or commit our armed forces to a sustained military conflict with Iran.”

Joining her in planning to vote with the Democrats were Senators Todd Young of Indiana, Mike Lee of Utah and Rand Paul of Kentucky.

Trump’s instability as commander-in-chief is bringing both parties together

Donald Trump continues to brag about his attack that took out Iranian Gen. Qasem Soleimani, but the Middle East has become more unstable as a result and the American people believe the decision has made the country and the world less safe.

Not only that, but a bipartisan group of lawmakers appear to be increasingly concerned about this president’s reckless strategy in the Middle East.

In a time when America is more polarized than ever, Donald Trump’s instability as commander-in-chief is bringing both sides together in a crucial Senate vote.

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