FBI Won’t Deny Potential Investigation Of Trump Stalking Marie Yovanovitch

The State Department is saying nothing, and the FBI refuses to comment on a potential investigation of Trump stalking Marie The FBI hasn’t commented or denied a potential investigation into Trump stalking Marie Yovanovitch.

Josh Lederman of NBC News reported, “this is the kind of thing that if you’re in the government or you’re in law enforcement, this sends alarm bells ringing. We have reached out multiple times in the last 24 hours to the state department, to diplomatic security, which is part of the state department, to Pompeo’s staff. So far, it is total radio silence from the state department. We’ve also reached out to the FBI to see if they’re going to proceed with an investigation as Ambassador Yovanovitch’s lawyers have asked for. So far, no comment from them, either.”


Yovanovitch’s lawyer requested an FBI investigation into the activities of Trump and his associates after new evidence was turned over to Congress by Giuliani associate Lev Parnas that appeared to show Trump and his Ukraine plotters surveilling the former Ambassador to Ukraine as they were trying to force her out of her post because she would not go along with the Trump plot to shakedown Ukraine for false dirt on Joe Biden.

The no comment from the FBI suggests that if an investigation hasn’t already started, one could be coming.

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