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Fake Moderate Susan Collins Is Now The Most Unpopular Senator In America

Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) is now the most unpopular senator in America, according to a new tracking poll from Morning Consult.

The survey shows that Collins’ net approval rating has dropped 10 points since September – around the same time the House of Representatives announced its impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump’s scheme to extort Ukraine.

According to Morning Consult, Sen. Collins’ approval rating is just 42 percent, while a majority – 52 percent – disapprove of her performance. The numbers should worry the GOP lawmaker as she tries to hold onto her Senate seat this year.

Over the past few months, Sen. Collins has taken her usual approach: pretend to be concerned about this corrupt president’s behavior, and then eventually fall in line behind him.

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Just this week, in fact, the Maine senator basically admitted that she doesn’t care about explosive new evidence that’s come to light in recent days.

Realizing that her moderate mask slipped off slightly, Sen. Collins tried to walk back her comments by saying Thursday that she probably would support a motion to call witnesses.

Regardless of what she ends up doing when it all comes to a vote, the people of Maine are likely tired of watching the senator’s constant dithering, especially because it always leads to the same place – caving in to Donald Trump.

The three least popular senators are Trump loyalists

Just below Susan Collins on the list of three most unpopular U.S. senators is Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell – the man currently doing his darnedest to run a sham impeachment trial without any evidence or witness testimony – and Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst, another Republican lawmaker who has indicated that she, too, will fall in line behind this corrupt president.

The complete top 10 via Morning Consult:

At the end of the day, Republican lawmakers, both in the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate, are betting that their seats are safe as long as they keep their base happy and stand by Donald Trump through the impeachment process.

Unfortunately for them, they appear to be losing that bet.

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